Telus to change Canada to US texting Policies (Updated)

Update: If you have come here looking for info regarding the upcoming changes to Telus’ SMS policies, welcome. This story is mainly about the change, but there is another post on this site that discusses going through the complaint process.

Take a look, complain, and make Telus reconsider.

Some unfortunate news coming from HowardForums, with a few users upset by an upcoming change on Telus’ part. If you send texts to the US at all, this will be affecting you significantly, so read on, as the Future may not be so Friendly…

Currently, all Telus Text Messaging Add-Ons include text from Canada to both Canada and the US at no extra charge. Texts sent outside those countries would incur a 35 cent charge.

As of May 1st, 2013, this will be changing significantly, with texts to the US no longer included in those packages, along with an increase in the international text rates to 40 cents (including the US).

Telus is offering two new packages as a result, one for $5 that offers 100 outgoing and unlimited incoming international texts, and one for $10 that offers unlimited outgoing and incoming international texts.

Something to note with regards to the Big 3, Rogers charges 35 cents for sending to international destinations (including the US), and Bell charges 35 cents for sending to the US and 35 cents for sending to international destinations does not charge for this service. So Telus has offered this as a bonus to its customers, and appears to have drawn in customers with this bonus, according to certain posts on the forum. It also seems there is interest from members to move to Bell as an alternative.

The question has also come up as to whether this is a material change to the contract, allowing customers to cancel their services with no termination charge. No firm answer has come from this, although a good discussion is underway.

What do you think about this change? Let me know in the comments below.

Updated: Bell pricing based on Pay per use rates, updated to reflect text package inclusion.

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7 thoughts on “Telus to change Canada to US texting Policies (Updated)

  1. Deborah

    This pisses me off, because the included international texting was one of the reasons I actually signed up for my Telus phone plan. I travel to the States all the time, so when friends back home in Canada need to contact me, they can text me instead of me having to pay an arm and a leg in roaming charges for answering the phone. I might just cancel my phone and move over to using my American cell phone that has a North America calling plan (Verizon, no roaming or long distance charges, what a novel idea).

    1. Matt Post author

      I fully agree with you on this, and I would suggest contacting Telus to make your voice heard. My other post, , covers how to go through the process, and if you need any further information, I will be glad to help.

      Also, so few people are aware of the change because of ebilling and notifications only being posted to the PDF version of the bill. By making more people aware, companies like Telus are more likely to reconsider.

      Share the information, and let them know what they can do about it.

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  3. Bec

    As a long time telus customer this really frustrates me! I completely agree and I was just on the phone with 3 different telus customer service reps and none of them will do anything for loyal customers especially when the main reason I’ve stayed with Telus is because of the unlimited text plan. The customer service reps were very impolite and would not even listen to what I had to say about the issue and only repeated the same thing over and over about there was nothing to do except to pay the $10 plan add on increase even though I am in a contract. It was completely useless to even waste my time calling them when they were rude and not understanding at all, while talking to me as if I didn’t understand the way telus and their contracts work, which is completely BS! as I have a major in law and business…their whole system is horrible!

    1. Matt Post author

      As suggested before, look at my post on complaining to cell phone companies. I have seen at least 2 people get favorable replies from the CCTS, granting them the right to retain free US texting for the remainder of their term. Otherwise, complain to the office of the president at Telus, as they have the ultimate power in deciding what your fate is.

  4. Victoria

    I was able to have them give me a rebate for the $10 fee for the 14 months remaining on my contract. Here’s what I did (please let me know if the link doesn’t work!):

    1. Matt Post author

      You went through the process perfectly, and I would recommend those steps to anyone else. Clearly it looks like Telus is learning the hard way that their existing customers won’t let this go without a fight. Thanks for the comment.

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